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June 8, 2010

Gulf War III

Channeling Colin Powell, the White House today will begin emphasizing the overwhelming force being concentrated for a “siege” against the catastrophic gusher. THAD ALLEN, the Stormin’ Norman of Gulf recovery, will give what the military would call a Commander’s Briefing when he joins Robert Gibbs at the podium at 10 a.m. An administration official: “Allen will chart the resources have been amassed in the Gulf theater to fight the oncoming oil. These resources include Coast Guard troops and other personnel, National Guardsmen and women, boom, vessels, aircraft, command centers and shoreline cleanup teams.”

— from Mike Allen’s Playbook. 7/7/10

…Is your Administration looking forceful enough?  …Interested in keeping that patriotism and homeland security enthusiasm going almost ten years after 9/11 and two rather taxing wars?

After weeks of informal briefings in jumpsuits, it seems the Administration finally has Admiral Alan — their replacement for Gen. Schwartzkoff, as the buzz goes — in a look intended to command a bit more gravity and control as the (American) Gulf bleeds out.

Just hope the next step isn’t an attack on criticism as “unpatriotic.”

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