July 28, 2010

Arizona Update: Coat Check

Tensions On The Rise As Arizona Immigration Law Deadline Nears

John Moore/Getty Images

Here’s the latest from Getty’s John Moore in trying to get his arms (or lens, rather) around the battle in Arizona.

The photo, taken yesterday, shows Mexican immigrant Jose Manuel in Nogales (that’s Nogales on the Mexico side, not the Arizona side). According to Mr. Manuel, he had lived in San Mateo, California, for 10 years as an undocumented construction worker when he was arrested recently by U.S. immigration and deported back to Mexico.

As opposed to a wire shot such as this, which makes the distinctions pretty clean and clear (Nogales north and Nogales sur), Manuel wears the problem, literally, on his sleeve, demonstrating how much his presence, his work and his experience has made US part of him, and him part of US.

(linked photo: Alonso Castillo/Reuters)

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