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Photo August 6, 2010

Why Christina Romer Wasn't Destined to Survive the Summer(s)

Back in February, I analyzed this photo of the new Administration’s economic team.  The picture was taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair as part of a series of portraits documenting a new era of hope, and Washington’s  changing of the guard. What is hard to appreciate now is...

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Brendan Hoffman Photo August 5, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: Haiti Far From The Madding Crowd

The fifth and last of Brendan Hoffman's series from Haiti six months after the earthquake. If so many Haitian farmers hadn't been driven off their land by cheap foreign goods, these photos would represent many more who survived the quake in the capital and were living a sustainable rural...

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Media Focus Photo

Daily News' "Sad Loner" Obama

As a classic example of "caption abuse," check out this example from yesterday's New York Daily News. Not only do they take the White House's own photo and use it against the Obama, but the caption, especially when combined with the headline and the lede absolutely misleads on at...

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Prop 8 Falls: A Brief Tour

The Bag offers a selective look at yesterday's dramatic court decision overturning Prop 8.

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Faith Focus Photo August 4, 2010

The "Mosque Exclusion Zone"

I'm wondering about the distance between Bloomberg and Lady Liberty… as compared to, say, the distance between the Cordoba House and Ground Zero.

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The Oil Blowout: Nothing Left to See

I was wondering when somebody was going to finally call the oil disaster, and no surprise, the government just did.

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President Obama Photo August 3, 2010

DC Kumbaya, Finally!

If you thought bipartisanship in DC was long dead and buried, you might want to print out this photo and stick it on the refrigerator.

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Bush Focus Photo August 2, 2010

#43 on Injured Reserve?

It was unsettling last week to see Bush turn up on the newswire while, at the same time, the headlines were covered with his fingerprints. The fact he looks so glassy and washed out just two years later just suggests how hard he had to work while in office...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo August 1, 2010

Beyond the Cover: Further Thoughts on TIME’s "Women of Afghanistan"

I'm wondering how much the wildness and sensuality in a photo like this serves to foster empathy for a child in today's Afghanistan versus how much as it lifts Zohal from the world she occupies and splices her into a stylish, Westernized fantasy scene that hip Western media consumers...

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