September 3, 2010

McCain's Winning Pitch(fork)

No, not photoshopped at all.

In fact, this picture makes perfect sense. This TwitPic appeared right after McCain — having shape-shifted himself into a fiendish, fire-and-brimstone arch-right conservative —  whipped his Tea Party, radio talk show reactionary opponent in the Arizona GOP primary by around 30 per cent.

The visual communication is simple.  It’s describing for us how John, who’s really is not the biggest man — either in stature or personal conviction — became an Arizona devil — demonizing those immigrants he once championed; everyone falling through the safety net; you get the idea — just to keep his Senate seat.  Really, it’s a classic, if simple snapshot of a guy flaunting his winning campaign personal.

Now let’s see, with the general coming up and the far right secured, if “angel John” does his familiar swing and the pitchfork gets stowed away.

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Michael Shaw
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