September 2, 2010

Coming Around Again

Like Clinton, Blair is a much-sought-after and charismatic speaker, reportedly commanding fees of more than $200,000 for a single appearance. He has also signed extremely lucrative contracts as a consultant to firms such as JP Morgan and to the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

His wealth, by one estimate, is about $23 million. The money helps pay for a large personal staff, office space in central London and mortgages on a stately home in the affluent county of Buckinghamshire and a flat in one of the toniest districts of London, among other properties.

From: Tony Blair reemerges with memoir (LA Times)

In defining different types of political news photos, these fall into the category I call “the re-introduction.” As if calling this out, the pictures from Getty Europe seem to barely contain their contempt for Blair, Dubya’s Iraq War doppelgänger, as his book hits the shelves.

Above, there is: Two faces of Tony, half-price.

Then, there is: Embargo Tony.

And: Tony at the bottom of the barrel.

With the ability to score all the cash he needs, the fact all proceeds from the book are going to injured war veterans has led many English to call it blood money.  Exactly how did it happen in Western celebrity culture that sitting on the sidelines for a requisite stretch earned someone a clean slate?

(caption: The memoirs of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, entitled ‘A Journey’, goes on sale in Waterstone’s flagship store on September 1, 2010 in London, England. Mr Blair’s book, which he took three years to write, describes his life in politics and reveals details of his relationship with the then Chancellor Gordon Brown.)

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