October 18, 2010

Bad Angle. (Or: If They Did Look Asian, Who Would Even Know?)

The next-most-egregious thing about Sharron Angle’s appearance before the Hispanic Student Union at Rancho High School of Friday? Beyond the racism — as everyone has heard by now, she told the Hispanic students they look like Asians — is how much Angle, along with her other incompetent Tea Party brothers and sisters — have been able to operate largely clear of media scrutiny.

Thank goodness, yes, one of the students captured the incredibly blasphemous and denigrating remarks via cell phone video.  On the other hand, though, how easily overlooked in this cheesy and purely accidental capture of the moment we can appreciate how Angle, Miller (with his scandalous and thuggish act of censorship over the weekend) and O’Donnell, and others, have controlled their access while the media and the public has largely gone along.

The screen grab above captures the student asking Angle the question about the use of Hispanics in her campaign commercials. The girl asking the question is lined up with the top of the head of the kid with the green-streaked hair. (By the way, it’s hard to make out the question and I had a hard time finding any site that reproduced the question in full.)

And then, check out the video report from the local CBS affiliate. These screen grabs come from video that is much more professional and steady, showing: Angle hugging a school administrator; the students clapping for Angle as she’s introduced; and Angle starting to speak. When it comes to the offending remarks, however, the CBS report uses a still shot with a voice over track from the cell phone video, finally returning to the full motion from the better, longer angle.

To the pile of troubling questions to be dealt with when this shameful election is over, add stealth campaigns, lack of media access and media collusion with that lack of access.

Bootleg student cellphone video (via Las Vegas Sun)

KLAS-TV News 8 Las Vegas video

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