October 16, 2010

Beyond Left and Right

Gallo/Getty Images

Gallo/Getty Images

The thrust of this photo illustrating an  al-Jazeera mid-term election primer?

1. Although the Tea Party (see: Betsy Ross flag and angry middle class white guy) has banked more than its share of credit for focusing voter frustration,  the anger is widespread (especially with all the stealth dollars flooding in).

2. Washington is broken (and the only ones who don’t get it are the politicians).

The media and the Republicans may be poised to credit the GOP with a game-changing mid-term victory if they win the House and shave down the Dem’s Senate majority.  That’s the narrative in place, at least. This conclusion, though, would be shortsighted, saying more about the horse race.  Instead, the message of this election — as well reflected by this otherwise non-partisan sign — is: a pox on both your houses.

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