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October 1, 2010

Goolsbee's White Board and the GOP's Big Red Eggs

Goolsbee’s White House White Board tax cut presentation represents a major breakthrough for Democratic framing (even if it makes most thinking Democrats cringe).  What’s it got going for it?

• Goolsbee. He’s totally telegenic.  The anti-Romer.  (Beat me up if you like, but the sales job, as Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, doesn’t stop at the West Wing.)

• Simplicity and repetition — the primary elements of most effective Republican framing. (OK, now roll your eyes.)

• It’s visual.

…Duh, you say? Yeah, well, I’m still waiting for a name/”word picture” for Obama’s “health care legislation” (besides: “Obama’s “health care legislation”) that paints a constructive picture in my head. Did it take the GOP longer than 5 minutes to come up with “ObamaCare”?

• The craftiest thing about this, though? It’s the subtle FU to this.

White House White Board: CEA Chair Austan Goolsbee Explains the Tax Cut Fight (You Tube)

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