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October 2, 2010

NRA "Trigger the Vote" Video — Think: Tim McVeigh Meets Bambi

It’s a clever web video from “” intentionally playing on the association between the NRA and right wing rage; the Tea Party; those scary, well publicized “open carry” demonstrations; and the militia movement. I can see the development meeting now: “Hey, let’s turn a room full of far-right fringe radicals dressed like inmates from the penitentiary, wayward bikers and wizened ranch hands into hippy throwbacks sitting in a combination Move On meet-up/encounter group/12 step meeting, drench it in zen/yoga chic and gay/nerd energy, and then defang everybody but the grandma!”

So, how do you you know the NRA has scored a video bulls-eye? When their concept is strong enough that it makes Chuck Norris look like the tail wagging the dog.

Trigger the Vote NRA video – (YouTube)

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