November 17, 2010

Thoughts on the Palin NYT Mag Cover: Like She’s So "Homemade"

 Palin NYT Mag Cover

1. What’d we say? Post midterms = SP 24/7.

2. Hmm, 8 out of 10 Team Mamma Grizzly members are Poppa Grizzlies.

3. Going by the labels, if you take out Davis and Scheunemann, it’s all scoring cash and PR.

4. Ha! Photo shows Scheunemann in McCain war room. Mainly, the war was between Randy and everybody else  after Palin lured her tutor away mid-campaign.

5. Using pitted white board, pushpins and scotch tape suggests klutzy Alaska Mom still mostly winging it — as opposed to fact there’s serious money going into making us think she’s so “homemade.”  (And, it’s playing the same card suggesting Todd is that high up in the food chain.)

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