November 23, 2010



With the slow news period and now the impending Thanksgiving holiday representing a huge ADD crisis for a country and a media wired for controversy and obviously bored with more complex issues such as the war in Afghanistan (or Washington, even), the TSA brouhaha (especially as it deliciously intersects with those local news “watching paint dry” holiday traveler stories) beats the hell out of Bubble Boy or the Salahis as the latest way to vent anger over our powerlessness while providing one more excuse not to shut the telly off.

And then, given the sexual dimension of the story, it’s only natural enterprising citizens would jump into the fray by exposing Lady Liberty’s boobies to a body scan (eat your heart out, Wired), as well as sexing up this governmental abuse with a porn overlay, adding a surgical glove S-and-M fantasy to this now rampaging mania.

Now, all I need is a WalMart trampling and my visual holiday will be complete.

Images Via Fly With Dignity (Photo courtesy Max Trombly) via Gothamist.

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