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President Obama Photo December 30, 2010

January Throwdown: A Preview

In spite of the goodwill ceremony, what makes the photo an object of interest is the tension in seeing Assange and Obama side-by-side as if being paraded into a boxing arena.

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Team Obama: On "the Go"

Next plane to Siberia boarding at Gate 11?

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 28, 2010

War Update: Bubblegum

This isn't the first time we've discussed the Military's female units operating in Afghanistan, and particularly, domestic media's fawning fascination with them. I'm wondering if this photo leading an MSNBC video, however, doesn't cut a couple different ways.

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Culture Focus Photo December 27, 2010

Bag's Best of 2010 – "My Mom Doesn't Have any Papers, America"

Watching the striking exchange this week between a second grader and the First Lady, I'm interested in how we actually perceive this girl-without-a-name.

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Photo December 26, 2010

Bag’s Best of 2010 – Andrew Breitbart, a.k.a. Mr. Bubbles

In light of the TIME article that accompanies the pic, or the May New Yorker profile ("Rage Machine"), the photo makes as much sense as if Tony Soprano tried to pull off this scene. What's offered up here, rather, is a churlish visual attack on liberals that Breitbart...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 25, 2010

Your Turn: He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good

Onward Christian Soldiers? Santa Baby? “Sleigh” Bells? Do You Hear What I Hear?  All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth? I’ll Be Home For Christmas? I was wondering what you make of this Christmas Day photo so widely published in the galleries yesterday. Was it just...

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Alan Chin: Merry Christmas! Bonfires All Along The River

Christmas Eve: Bonfires light the way for Father Christmas along the Mississippi River

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John Lucaites Photo December 23, 2010

I’d Stick to the Reindeer

Today, not even an army of ACLU lawyers could save Santa Claus from the indignities of being patted and probed by the uniform wearing the rubber blue glove.

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Winning Going Away

After the hammering Obama, Pelosi and the Dems took in early November, it's hard to imagine the lighthearted scenes of the past two days.

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International Focus Photo December 21, 2010

Fashion of the (War) Times … or: Don't Get me STARTed

Maybe the Russians are taking the impending passage of START just a little too far.

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The Secessionist Dance

In the years before the Civil War, unionist James Louis Petigru commenting on his state's reputation for political extremism, sardonically noted that South Carolina was too large to be an insane asylum and too small to be an independent republic.

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Campaign '12 Photo

2012 Hopefuls: Mr. Snowball

Barbour? Racist? You mean, the same guy who bonded with Obama over snowballs?

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Photo December 20, 2010

Our Picks of the Pics of the Year #1: Underfoot

With an eye on the stream of photos popping up in "best picture of the year" galleries, can any of you relate to this?

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Culture Focus Photo December 19, 2010

Paranoid DREAM

Ever offering the visual rejoinder to political posturing, Getty's John Moore has been picturing the increased U.S. employment of force on the Arizona border.

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Photo December 18, 2010

Smokin’ Joe

A few reasons why this photo from Saturday's landmark civil rights breakthrough distinguishes itself...

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Media Focus Photo December 17, 2010

Ice Capades

Contrary to what you see here, Palin and ABC are actually piggybacking off each other.

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BAGannouncements Photo December 16, 2010

Bag's Most Important Picture of the Year

In six years, I can't remember doing a post without a photo, so you can imagine this really means something.

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Alan Chin Photo

Nina Berman & Alan Chin: Broke-Beck Mountains of Madness

Glenn Beck in Wilmington, Ohio, selling $30 books, $125 theater tickets, and $500 breakfast.

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