December 30, 2010

Team Obama: On "the Go"

Next plane to Siberia boarding at Gate 11?

It’s one of those cases where the photo is doing a lot more suggesting than the article.  If you read the write-up about a possible White House shake up, these three are simply recognized as the nucleus of the team.

Of course, we already know Axelrod is leaving soon to join the re-election effort. The article also mentions a more senior strategy job for Gibbs. Jarret is only mentioned once, and only as part of the bedrock.

Well, let’s just say that Axelrod, often looking depressive and clearing suffering under the pressure these past two years, has been no Karl Rove. The cranky Gibbs never made sense in the Press Secretary role. And, the unassailable Jarrett, here seen leading the pack, has enjoyed a Condi-like teflon when its comes to her effectiveness or a greater understanding of what role she’s had in what.

Not that the corporate media would dare connect the dots and name names, however. (Just like Rahm really left because he always wanted to be Mayor of Chicago, right?) The photo, though, does roam freer, what with these small, distant figures marching in a row. Of course, approach the plank is a mighty stretch. Because the body of the plane isn’t visibly, though, the picture fairly suggests either off to nowhere, or approaching the ether.

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