January 30, 2011

Arizona: More Whaaaaaaa!

I sorta like this although I have a little trouble fully understanding it.

So, this protestor, Jorge Mendez from Glendale AZ, is participating in a pro-14th Amendment demonstration lashing back at an effort to completely restrict citizenship to children of  non-citizens? If I’ve got that right, it seems like Jorge is calling the right wingers out as babies for the use of the “anchor baby” term, and crying about the law as it stands.

Given how the Tea Party likes to dress up, I’m wondering if Jorge’s mockery is “going there” too.  And then, I wonder if this would have looked any less extreme if the overall tone of the political wars hadn’t toned done recently.

Backstory: In Arizona, a bid to block citizenship for illegal immigrants’ ‘anchor babies.’ (CSM)

(photo: Jack Kurtz/The Arizona Republic/AP. caption: Jorge Mendez, from Glendale, Ariz., dressed as a baby to play the role of an ‘anchor baby’ during a press conference at the State Capitol Thursday in Phoenix. Mr. Mendez opposes a bill to deny citizenship to some babies born in Arizona.)

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