February 26, 2011



This recent White House Flickr photo with top Silicon Valley execs at the Technology Business Leaders dinner in California reinforces Obama’s new pro-business, pro-high tech emphasis.

As reflected in the other WH photo of the Woodside meeting, it’s clear the Administration is only too happy to pose Obama with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It reinforces Obama’s star power and aligns him with the cutting edge.  As powerful as it is graceful, too, is the way Obama is positioned between Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg, the old legioned and the new. The fact he is photographed from behind like this seems both respectful, but also eloquent in marking his serious illness and potential departure from this scene.

Also worth note is the gender ratio. (Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz is in red. I don’t know who is at the near end.) If women are seated at the heads of this table, it doesn’t reflect how much the tech summit reflects a man’s game.

(photo: Pete Souza)

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