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Disaster Focus Photo March 31, 2011

The Fukushima Glow

It's not my intention to make light. These scenes (grainy, emergency yellow and saturated like this) are just eerie.

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Assad (Briefly) Sees the Light of Day

What do you think the ratio is here between security muscle, state media, hand picked loyalists and the random man-on-the-street?

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Middle East Watch Photo March 30, 2011

Your Turn: War Head

We're interested in your thoughts about why this photo of a Libyan rebel was so popular yesterday.

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Obama: Too Much TV?

A critic could say that the President and his people have been watching too much TV, or have been too quick to engage Gaddafi because of the powerful imagery of the Middle East uprising.

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No Fly Zone Envy

Tough question (once you get past the fact it's a pro-Gaddafi demonstration)

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Media Focus Photo March 29, 2011

Beyond Riveting

There’s nothing more “do it yourself” than being a woman scientist, and depicting Fried as Rosie does more to underscore her difference from other scientific geniuses than it does to suggest that science is no longer a boys’ club.

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Campaign '12 Photo

2012: What's Brewing

After Wisconsin, does Santorum really think it's safe to do a blue-collar photo-op .. in a bar ... in a suit?

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9/11 Photo

Libya and The Obama Doctrine

This AP shot is actually pretty clever in the way it captures Obama's philosophy above a sea of tough looking faces.

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Disaster Focus Photo March 28, 2011

The Latest Fukushima Photo Bucking For Icon Status

At this point, it seems that people are both deeply connected to the story, but also do not want to face the reality/consequences of real live nuclear power plant accident.

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International Focus Photo March 27, 2011

Tearing Down a Middle East Dictator Statue – Chapter 2

If these dramatic scenes from Deraa, Syria, on Friday were reminiscent of anything here in the West, it was the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad's Firdos Square. (With some key modifications.)

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A Brush With Saif Gaddafi

Before the Gaddafi's elevated to Public Enemy No. 1, Saif Gaddafi and his artwork attracted fawning attention. This piece is certainly my favorite.

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International Focus Photo March 26, 2011

Gaddafi: Beyond Shooting His Mouth Off

Cool illustration, but maybe not so clear cut. Is Gaddafi that much of a machine?

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International Focus Photo March 25, 2011

Libya: High on Democracy, Did West Fall in Love with Drowning Man?

This photo -- of a lone rebel carrying a grenade launcher and a guitar -- crystallizes the fear I've had about the Libya uprising.

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Business Focus Photo March 24, 2011

(M)arch Madness

Sports Illustrated's tournament cover photo "feats" how the NCAA, sports coaches and Madison Avenue are profiting to the stratosphere.

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The “Fukushima 50”

I find the photos interesting in their anonymity -- consistent, I assume, with the way Japanese orient to the group as much as Americans obsesses over the individual, and look high and low, even more intensely since 9/11, for "the hero."

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Culture Focus Photo March 23, 2011

What Are Unions Good For?

As we debate the value of unions in the days ahead, we are well advised to recall the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and worker's needs to have for a collective voice in representing their interests, particularly in the face of efforts to castigate unions as little more than selfish,...

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Japan's Catastrophe: Reading the Cartoons

Twelve days after the cataclysmic earthquake in Japan, political cartoonists world-wide are manipulating the image of the Japanese flag and exploring the aftershocks, some more sensitively than others.

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