March 26, 2011

Gaddafi: Beyond Shooting His Mouth Off

Cool illustration, but maybe not so clear cut.  Is Gaddafi that much of a machine?  Regarding the tank, does it symbolize his weaponry (he’s the guy with the tanks vs. Western air power) or does the tank somehow symbolize the “in your face” attack on Gaddafi, attempting to “take his eye out” (and making him see red)?

By the way, the British Ministry of Defense photos circulating now depicting those tanks getting zapped move us from the realm of illustration to the window of a video game. That’s the art of war.

(Illustration: Internazionale. Rough translation: All against Gaddafi: The real targets of the military mission. The doubts of the international community. The risk of a protracted civil war. Libya in the comments of the foreign press.)

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