March 14, 2011

Japan Fallout (Then and Now)

Even taken last Thursday, before the nuclear crisis started accelerating, I was shocked by these photos (taken by a citizen or citizens, I believe) of  a post-earthquake explosion at the Tokyo Chiba City Ironworks. I don’t imagine the likeness to a mushroom cloud escaped the photographer’s mind. There is only one thing harder for me to imagine than being in Japan right now and dealing with the anxiety and fear of the potential spread of radioactivity, and that is living with the history (and perhaps, the recollection of still-living relatives) of the atomic bomb attacks that crushed the country in World War II.

>>See more takes on Japan earthquake photos here and at Tumblr.

These photos, by the way, come from the Tumblr blog of Rich Tong, the fashion director at Tumblr.

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Michael Shaw
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