March 8, 2011

Looking Into the Eyes of One More Crazed Governor

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The next far-right Governor moving into the spotlight for his slash-and-burn style and a boundless mission to destroy? It’s Florida’s Rick Scott.

I pulled this shot from the lastest set on Rick’s Flickr stream. Try expanding this photo and checking out his eyes. Does this look at all like someone involved in a give-and-take? And think about it, the Flickr site being a pure PR vehicle, his own team put this up as a representation of Scott’s connection with the citizenry — and the friendlies, to boot, at this his Tampa Young Professional Republican meeting. Well, apropos of that look of mania, today’s NYT piece explains how Scott is headed off the rails not just with the basic rules of governance, but with his own tribe.

Finally, if you look at the set, you’ll notice another reflex that was blatantly practiced by Rove and the Bush Administration.  Of the four shots where Scott is addressing an identifiable person in the photo set, either in the audience or standing next to him, that person is black — the photo above being the most weird because the black guy, emphasizing his insignificance to Scott as reflected by Rick’s expression, is practically obscured by the shadow.

Could it be, this is the look of a Tea Party future staring us in the face?

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