March 9, 2011

Screen Shots: How the NPR-O'Keefe Video Reveals Obama's "Radical Islamic Agenda"

From the concluding picture of the NPR building to the shot near the beginning of the fake Islamic front-group’s website (not to mention the split-screen, the pull-out quotes and the political symbols), I’m interested in the “meta” here, specifically, how the NPR-O’Keefe Muslim sting video ultimately targets Obama. I say that because, just like the-far right tried hard to associate Obama to radical Islam and terrorism in ’08, clearly they are ginning it up again.

I read it like this, working from the last frame forward:

Obama, the father of the bloated stimulus plan (see Recovery Act sign) and the socialist who presides over this entitled (white table cloth) big-brother government is also the funder of NPR. NPR, as a front group and closet propaganda mouthpiece for the foreign-born, Muslim, terrorist-sympathizing President, is only too thrilled to take Ibrahim’s check and align itself with the usual radical Islamic suspects out there, namely Hamas and Hezbollah. More than that, though, where “the real payoff” comes is in forming a brand new association with the Muslim Brotherhood (right there under the green star-and-crescent) — the Brotherhood being the newly minted bogeyman and scare phrase on the lips of the radical right given that this organization is (surely, with the foreign-born Obama’s tacit support) on the verge of: turning Egypt and the Middle East into a raging radical Islamic cauldron, destroying Israel, making off with all the oil and billions in U.S. weapons, imposing Sharia law on Michigan, Wisconsin and the rest of America, and then bringing on Armageddon.

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