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March 17, 2011

The Outright Sense of Normal in the Midst of Holy Hell

via theweekmagazine

What makes this photo terrifying is the outright sense of normal in the midst of holy hell.

If insanity, in the presence of the “waterfall” and gushing water, is running at a 30 degree angle through the middle third of this shot, life in that lower-left triangle, just like the stretch of road closest to us, remains unfathomably undisturbed. Much more bizarre, though, everything above that “waterfall” along that 30 degree line — the flat water, the otherwise peaceful-looking boat and the land on opposite sides of the water (like a typical landscape painting) reverses Humpty Dumpty, the insanity contained.


A wave approaches Miyako City from the Heigawa estuary in Iwate Prefecture after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck the area March 11, 2011. (Reuters)

(via theweekmagazine)

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