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April 19, 2011


Thought not the most original idea in the world, MoJo’s Boehnocchio is wonderfully rendered.

C’mon, we know how many of you, in the privacy of your own drum circle, pronounce John’s last name like phallic slang — the elongated nose woody expressing the same “macho party” suggestion — unless, that is, a cigar is just a cigar (though, in Boehner’s case, it could also be a golf club). The “What, Me Worry?” hand gesture also aims to deliver some splinters, reading one-part “What safety net???” and one-part Speaker Alfred E. Neuman. The hat is classic country club dandy. And then, it’s the first time someone, outside of Boehner himself, has so clearly linked those baby blue eyes to the innocent, little boy manner.

(illustration: Eddie Guy)

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