April 24, 2011

GOP Home For Recess. Media: Where's the Blood?

So, this stands for rage at the American Legion Post?

Hmm, two stories, one by the LA Times and other by Politico, about the same Pennsylvania Congressman with trouble in his backyard. If House Republicans were getting chainsawed back home for threatening Medicare, Social Security and the like, though, this photo — accompanying the LAT story –was the only visual evidence I could find.  The caption the LAT affixed to it (the original is below) reads:

Republican Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania talks to voters before a town hall meeting. He was met by one constituent’s angry outburst over the GOP budget provision that would turn Medicare into a voucher system.

If folks back home are angry, maybe Brian Beutler‘s snapshot is more reliable, at least for now.  Congresspeople laying low after the Giffords shooting. Too many incoming threats to the safety net to focus on any one.  And the fact that protest these days, like what we saw against healthcare (at least on the right) is less grassroots and spontaneous than organized over months and months by concerted campaigns reinforced by faux news and talk radio.

If what the media is looking for is a replay (in reverse) of the Summer and Fall of ’09, that might well be a recipe for disappointment. Of course, Wisconsin and Ohio have provided plenty of evidence that progressive anger is alive and well. It’s just that the zing might come more from checkbooks and ballot boxes.

(photo: Michael Kubel  The Morning Call. caption: U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, R-11th District, speaks with Kathy Slog (left) of Coaldale, and Ann Moyer, of Jim Thorpe, before addressing constituents at Amvets Post 83 in Lansford, Carbon County on Wednesday April 20.)
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