April 26, 2011

"Hit and Run" on the Liberals – The 2012 Model

What are we supposed to think about this illustration, coming from a city powered by Wall Street, as we careen into another election season with the central tenants of the New Deal seemingly stacked at the stop light?

The copy underneath the car, by the way, reads:

‘Sadly the grifter/quitter said it best: “How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?  — Commenter on Paul Krugsman’s blog’

I’m wondering, particularly with liberalism actually pumping the gas pedal this winter in response to ultra-conservative overreach in the House and the State Houses, if what we’re seeing here is an all too heavy-handed sales attempt to minimize the liberal movement and consign it to the the junk yard (or at least, the design museum) before the formal start of the new model year.

If this cover rolls out-of-the-garage an easily consumable meme that liberalism is nothing but a nostalgic phase America went through in the sixties, the idea is equally valid that liberalism opens up the path (just like the Beetle did, and has) to a trimmer, more practical and more spirited way to go.

(credits: Design Director: Chris Dixon. Art Director: Randy Minor)

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