April 2, 2011

When it Comes to Dubya, Every Day is 9/11

An interesting image from “opening day” in Arlington, a B-52 doing a fly-over as a national anthem topper. I know that ear-splitting passes by fighter jets have become rituals at such events — militarism and sports having morphed as American brands (Old Glory bisecting Bush’s head in banding the first deck) — but I’ve never seen a bomber do it.

Speaking of Bush and the war decade, by the way (“take me out to the ball game” apparently replacing “go shopping!” — in addition to “cut taxes!” — as this week’s homeland complement to foreign military engagement), the picture is also weirdly reminiscent of the imagery that allowed Bush to locate himself, those scenes of commercial planes bearing down on the World Trade Center hardwired into American consciousness.

…And then, if you’ve never seen it, it remains our most famous Bag.

(photo: Tony Gutierrez/AP. caption: A B-52 bomber does a fly over following the playing of the national anthem as former president George W. Bush, bottom center, attends opening day for an MLB baseball game between the Rangers and the Boston Red Sox Friday, April 1, 2011, in Arlington, Texas.)

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