April 27, 2011

The Birther-tificate

I titled  it that way because Obama didn’t offer this up for any other reason than to try and tamp down those- how’d he put it, carnival folk? The certificate is not for us, it’s for them.

Of course, Obama first and foremost avoided disclosing this piece of paper because he didn’t want to lend credence, in any way, to even the suggestion he might not be 100% Merikan — as, Merikan say, as flyboy and former POW John McCain, or his predecessor, George Walker Bush.  (Do you recall from the ’08 campaign, by the way, how almost every time Obama mentioned America on the stump, he would pronounce the entire thing, “The – U-nited – States – of – A-merica”? If it struck me as awkward (and a little monotonous) that he would string it out like that, I came to believe what he was doing there, for good reason, was simply reinforcing the association between the speaker and country of origin.

Anyway, the document. So, here’s a few secondary and picayune reasons why BHO might not thrill to have this thing swirling around the right-wing blogosphere:

1.  Not much daylight, at least, typographically, between BHO I and II.

2. Yeah, he said “Father from Kenya and Mother from Kansas,” a thousand times, but Kenya has a different ring than “Africa.”  And there it is twice.

3. Guess the plantation question feels a little awkward.

4. Of course, you know birther talking heads are gonna ask things like: So, was Mom’s name Dunham or was it Obama? Why did it take four days for the attendant to sign it? And so on, and so on.

Anyway, given the 12% of the population of The U-nit-ed States of A-merica that the release of this document is totally wasted on, I can imagine them doing their carnival thing with any one of these points.

White House blog post with full size PDF

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