April 30, 2011

The Donald Revised

With just one word (well, okay, there’s also the infamous oral cavity caught-in-the-act; the hide like an elephant — or is it sandpaper? and the brilliantly excised mane), BusinessWeek takes a wrench to the media’s Trump narrative, swapping out “bad boy” and  “contender” for “bully” and “poser.”  I can’t remember the last time I saw a single word score that much mileage, delivering as hard a slap to the media (and those of us, too, for consuming the Donald-dreck) as it drops on this noxious pseudo-political agent.

Of course, it would be a complete delusion to even assume that one word, or one cover, could effect a U-turn when it comes to the treatment and cultural platform afforded these types of actors, but it’s a wonderful wish.

Two more things…

You know I avoid name calling, but after Obama — with complete justification — laced into DT last night at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, and given Trump’s blasphemous behavior, in general, I thought this Bag Tumblr take-away is deserved.

Second, I wanted to sincerely thank Bob Hariman, John Lucaites, Jim Johnson, Brian Ulrich and all the wonderful students from Northwestern and Indiana University that attended yesterday’s fine conference/workshop on Blogging, Photojournalism and Public Commentary for the great warmth and truly insightful dialogue.  And yes, I am interested in hearing from you, and anything you think I should look at.

(Photo: Michele Asselin)

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