May 4, 2011

Between the Piffers and the Balochis

Aslam Jadoon / EPA

Aslam Jadoon / EPA

You have to love this picture for two perfect, and opposite reads.  First though, the caption:

A general view of the city of Abbottabad. Signs on the hillside say ‘Home of Piffers’ and ‘Home of Balochis’, in reference to two regiments of the Pakistani army which are headquartered in Abbottabad.

Of course, some people will look at this shot and think, how could bin Laden have escaped notice on the doorstep of two Pakistani Army regiments? (Make sure you click for full size.) Others will look at this and think, human nature being what it is, the perfect place to avoid a tiger is right under its nose.  And then, it’s not like a good part of the Afghan campaign doesn’t hinge on the best guess, right?

And, here’s one more post-bin Laden photo we Tumbled with a similar ambiguity.

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