May 22, 2011

Budweiser "Coming Home" Ad: Gay? Straight? Who Cares, Let’s Drink to the War!

Budweiser “Coming Home” Ad: Gay? Straight?

If the Freepers are stressing that the Budweiser “Homecoming” ad is about a soldier returning home to his gay lover, culture watchers seem to think the ambiguity of who he’s coming home to is completely intentional, the beer company going both ways.

For myself, though, preoccupied as I am with my own marketing suspicions, I couldn’t get past the simple exploitation of the uniform, the beer company tapping the sacred glow around the troops while so many of America’s finest are drowning their PTSD in the brew. And then, with America now debating whether the soldier is gay or straight, a cold one to the beer industry for playing the “gays in the military” controversy for all the buzz and free bank.

View ad here.  (Not the first time Bud’s played the troop card, by the way)

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