May 2, 2011

"Compounding" Irony: Hitler, bin Laden Go Down Almost 66 Years to the Day


Bin Laden compound mil pic

Given that OBL has achieved “Fuhrer status,” I’m not sure anyone has picked up on the irony (visual, or otherwise) that Hitler and bin Laden died in their respective compounds almost 66 years to the day. Hilter committed suicide in the late morning of April 30, 1945, with the Russians less than 500 meters from the building. Bin Laden was  killed on May 1 (around 1 pm Pakistan time).

What do they say, real estate, real estate, real estate? It’s just fascinating to look at this pictures and apply any sense of domesticity, really, to these icons of hell.  “Honey, can you run over to the bin Ladin’s and borrow some milk? Or see if you can borrow their SAT phone? And while your at it, find out if they plan to clean up that yard a little bit.”

(photo 1: AFP/Getty Images. photo 2: German Federal Archive. caption: The so-called “bunker” in the garden of the Second World War destroyed the Reich Chancellery. Links to the entrance, in the middle of the bomb shelter for the guard. Via Wikipedia.)

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