May 31, 2011

Meghan's Pad and the Double Dip

Meghan McCain s apartment

Yesterday, I tweeted a thumbs up to the NYT Public Editor for calling out the paper (if delicately) for confusing their mission with that of Perez Hilton. Not like there aren’t enough examples of this every week, but….

What caught my eye was the particular timing of this photo and feature in Sunday’s NYT Magazine. Besides still more gratuitous pursuit of celebrity culture (even pointing to famous dad as stepping stone), the fact the photo, article and sub-head so specifically highlight Meghan McCain as a “real estate showoff” seems remarkably ironic given the demoralizing announcement today that the American housing market has now officially fallen into a “double dip” recession. Apologies to all those kids moving back into Mom and Dad’s.

(And then, she’s dissing the place, besides.)

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