May 18, 2011

Picturing Arnold the Philanderer = Very Old News

So, the Bag was still a cartoon when Schwarzenegger ran for Governor in a special election back in ’03. Still, I think we got it 
about right
spelling out the issues the key issue that got swept under the campaign rug.

Especially, there was that March 2001 Premiere Magazine article that circulated before the election elaborating Arnold’s blatant and unselfconscious urges and his unbound sexual harassment of women. Anyone who accepted the veracity of the article would have no qualms calling Arnold a pig — a circumstance, the write-up points out, which wasn’t lost on Maria Shriver, either. And then, there was the story the LA Times broke in the closing days of the quickie-election citing 16 women, 11 identified, who accused the he-man of physical humiliation. As things played out, Schwarzenegger’s PR team attacked the Times scoring sympathy points before locking down the Governorship.

Why anybody, especially the media, would even bat an eye over yesterday’s disclosure of Schwarzenegger’s love child and at least a ten year infidelity occurring right under the nose of his wife and his family is ludicrous. As the well known still from “Pumping Iron” establishes, the man’s core identity was defined by the illicit.

Another Bag post taking aim at Schwarzenegger was this one in June of ’04, marking the release and immediate nose dive of the remake of “Around the World in Eighty Days.” My take was that Arnold and Team Arnold must have felt relieved when the film, shot before his election, crashed and burned. But then, just as the media and the electorate chose to buy into Schwarzenegger’s daytime role as Governor of California, I imagine the response would have been similiar if “Eighty Days” had been a smash hit, Arnold not having to study at all for the role of the philandering prince.

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