May 16, 2011

TEPCO Mega-Float: Radiation Takes a Cruise

TEPCO Mega-Float

The fact that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists had to state that the plan wasn’t an April Fool’s joke is telling.

— from (pretty funny post): “Fukushima’s Radioactive Water to Be Pumped into “Mega-Float” (

So, TEPCO has put into operation its latest Rube Goldberg scheme in combating its nuclear nightmare.  The edifice, according to crofsblogs, is 136 meters long by 46 meters wide.  It was previously used as a floating park by the city of Shizuoka which made it available upon TEPCO’s request. The float is made up of huge boxes which now have holes in them to store up to 10,000 tons of contaminated water. And how much radioactive water does TEPCO have on its hands, you ask? I’m not sure, but this blurb, back on April 19th, cited TEPCO’s own estimate of 67,000 tons.

I invite you to expand the photo, take a good look at this “hot barge” and let us know what you see.

By the way, if you find a current news story in the traditional media on this latest development, let me know. I couldn’t.

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