June 6, 2011

LIFE's Top 20 Photo Blogs

Life Photo Blog Awards

This morning, BagNews was named one of LIFE’s top 20 photo blogs. Although proud of my own work, what I’m especially pleased about is the acknowledgement of our overall mission, and the recognition of an extended community of extremely talented people involved in making the Bag what it is. I’ve sent heartfelt thank you’s to all of our wonderful editors and contributors. Where I’d like to direct special thanks and recognition here, however, is to you, to loyal Bag readers and commenters.

As I repeat often, BagNews is not a lecture, it’s a seminar. It’s not just me, or a select group of people. Instead, it’s a community committed on a daily basis to raising visual literacy and media literacy and the analysis of visual politics to a whole new level. It’s also about holding all practitioners of visual journalism (and visual persuasion, as well) to a higher standard (and that goes for me, too, as much as anyone).

In working that terrain every day, I’ve been continually warmed and awed by the insight, knowledge, passion and yes, humor and playfulness of our commenters, as well as those of you who write me regularly with tips, takes and even (yes, thank you!) grammatical corrections. Even if a post has a single comment, I’ve tried diligently over the past six years to read every one, so many of them earnest gems.

So, thank you again for your commitment to the vision. If recognition is great, here in “our space,” it’s recognition shared!

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