June 7, 2011

Mitt on the Great White Way

Romney Mormon Newsweek cover

1. Looking to take Mitt out early? The line from the article that most speaks to the cover…:

“In a vacuum, some people will inevitably conclude that Mormonism is too weird for mainstream America.”

2. And then there’s the sub-head: “How the Outsider Faith Creates Winners.” Hmm, seems the conclusion in the article, though, is that successful Mormons play it down.

3. Did you all know, right off the bat, this photo-illustration was a take-off of the main promo for the Broadway show, “The Book of Mormon”? Yeah, I thought so. (…Guess that tells you something about the Newsweek-Beast hive mind.)

4. How badly do people want to lend this guy a personality?

5. Just to go with the secretive rituals and sacraments, I love how they cut off three fingers of Mitt’s left hand.

(Photo Illustration by Bela Borsodi; Source photos: Joan Marcus (The Book of Mormon), HBO-Courtesy of Everett Collection (Big Love).)

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