June 30, 2011

White House Gay Pride: An Oxymoron?

White House Gay Pride- An Oxymoron

I’m sorry the LGBT Gay Pride event at the White House on Wednesday received so little press coverage, just a handful of pictures and no shots of Obama interacting with the crowd (if he even did). I also can’t tell if there were any women in attendance.

I do think the photo that Doug Mills shot for the NYT is quite clever, though, subtly poking fun at the White House. (Also love the nibbling title of the article: Obama Moves Near ‘Greater Equality’ on Gay Marriage.) With the two guys lower left and the guy in the center, Doug captures a decidedly expectant air. Waiting for Godot? And then, the staid, almost Queen-like (!) portrait of Martha Washington looking over the crowd is really hysterical, as if the East Room, far from safe (which Mills also makes a little blinding), might as well be a closet.


(photo: Doug Mills/The New York Times caption: The president held a Gay Pride event on Wednesday at the White House but has not quite endorsed same-sex marriage.)

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