July 1, 2011

The Sarkozy Scuffle

Giffords. Multiple “glitter” attacks. Now this crazy scene w/ Sarkozy. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but the warning signs are everywhere regarding politico’s safety. Is this all completely random? Are these symptoms of world-wide recession? Do leaders need to re-examine their security?

If the middle shot, bottom, is reminiscent of RFK/Reagan (and more than a wake-up call), the top shots, middle and right, for their manhandling, are like nothing I’ve seen before involving a world leader.

(photo: REUTERS/France TV/Pool via Reuters TV caption: A combination of still images taken from video shows a scuffle while French President Nicolas Sarkozy was talking to supporters and shaking hands near the southern city of Toulouse June 30, 2011. Sarkozy was involved in a scuffle during a handshake tour on Thursday when a man grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to pull him over a crowd barrier. Sarkozy, attending a meeting of mayors near the southern city of Toulouse, was moving down a line of residents and shaking hands when an unidentified man seized the fabric of his suit at the shoulder and yanked him aggressively. Last frame shows Sarkozy carrying on shaking hands.)

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