July 8, 2011

U.S. Constitution: Amanpour, ABC Give Tea Party More Ammunition To Attack, "Not Understand"

Video clip via Mediaite

Is the Constitution really that hard to understand?

In its cover story on the U.S.Constitution this week, TIME asks “Does it Still Matter?” Maybe the issue isn’t the document, however, as much as it’s the use of clear, simple language.

For the Tea Party with its ideological agenda, they aren’t interpreting the document so much as projecting on it in more emotional terms. On the flip side, however, we had a wonderful lesson this week from an ABC roundtable in which a high-minded media personality, Christiane Amanpour, in engaging a Harvard professor, produced a pointy-headed display of such awesomeness that the producers felt the need to translate the repartee using a screen graphic literally straight-out-of-Websters.

And you wonder why the Tea Party, attacking Obama and the Washington establishment, has gained so much traction with the general public over elitism.

Video clip via Mediaite: Christiane Amanpour Uses Such A Fancy Word, ABC Has To Define It In A Graphic.

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