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August 21, 2011

My Favorite Shot from Tripoli

Dario Lopez-Mills/AP

1. Electricity shortages? What electricity shortages?

2. Can we get a carpet roll, please?

3. They high-tailed it so fast, the espresso’s still warm.

4. Becoming unanchored.

4. Saif asked if he could keep the backdrop.

5. In the old days, you had to kill the tyrant.  These days, he’s toast without the broadcast station.

(photo: Dario Lopez-Mills/AP caption: An abandoned set of Libyan State television is seen after rebels entered the capital city of Tripoli, Libya, Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011. Libyan rebels raced into Tripoli Sunday and met little resistance as Moammar Gadhafi’s defenders melted away and his 42-year rule rapidly crumbled. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills.)

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