August 4, 2011

Quick Takes: Mubarak in the Cage with a Posturepedic*

Mubarak testifies in cage1. Sealy your fate.

2. Brings whole new to appreciation to “going out feet first.”

3. Hannibal Lector? …Right. Hannibal Lecture maybe.

4. You think the junta learned a few things about self-preservation? “Hosni: Meet wolves.”

5. On the other hand, great episode does not a series make.

6. America really is in decline. You mean to tell me, not one of Hosni’s former patrons could have lined up a long-term stay at Club Feb?”

* With apologies to Clue.

(photo: Reuters/Egypt TV via Reuters TV caption: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak speaks into a microphone during his trial at the Police Academy in Cairo, in this still image taken from video August 3, 2011. Mubarak was wheeled into a courtroom cage in a hospital bed on Wednesday to face trial for killing protesters — an image that thrilled those who overthrew him and must have chilled other Arab autocrats facing popular uprisings. If convicted, Mubarak could face the death penalty. .)

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