August 30, 2011

What Keystone White House Protest?


If the Keystone protest has been going on for weeks in front of the White House while hardly earning a blip on the media radar, yesterday was a different story.

Though it wasn’t because this lady, lodging the paperwork in an auspicious location, got arrested by a Park police officer with a cool tattoo (pic). It’s not because these two random chap were headed off to the pokey. It’s wasn’t even (though it should have been) because NASA scientist and climate change expert, James Hansen, was taken into custody (pic). Nor was it because of the telling, if very simple shot of the protester arrested in the Obama t-shirt, evoking the fact Obama has been completely AWOL on the Keystone issue.

No, the story got some attention yesterday, at least in news photo galleries, because the attractive actress and eco-activist Daryl Hannah (likely mindful of her role given the peace sign and sixties-ish ensemble) got cuffed and hauled off. Too bad it took a little Hollywood just to get some word out.

(photo: Evan Vucci/AP caption: Actress Daryl Hannah is arrested by U.S. Park Police in front of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011, during a protest against the Keystone oil pipeline. photo 2: Jason Reed/Reuters)

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