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September 5, 2011

9/11 Covers: Beyond the One-Liner

New Statesman 9 11 cover

Compared to the simplistic one-liners sprouting like mushrooms on cover after cover as part of the 9/11 ten year anniversary newsstand pileup, the New Statesman cover kept me going for a while, not just in bringing back names, episodes, chain-of-events, but also for (if you remember the big phrase during the anthrax scare) helping connect-some-dots.

What a nice job this does of capturing how monumentally and pervasively al Qaeda altered the trajectory of this country. Of course, a lot of the references here — Fallujah; Lynndie England; Niger, Bremer — allude to America and Bush Jr.’s neocon-induced self-inflicted wound. But, heavens to Pashtuns, Bagram, Islamaphobia and ID cards, there is a lot more going on here.

Connect away!

(via coverjunkie)

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