September 13, 2011

Weapons Dealers Meet 7th Avenue

DESEI weapons show Niqab

…Any orders from Tehran?

Every so often, an edit of photos will cross the newswire from one of the massive weapons bazaars held around the world. The world’s largest arms exhibition and purchase mart, the Defence and Security Equipment International, is currently in full swing at London’s Excel Center. Here’s the link to the Zimbio slideshow, but the photo above was the one that caught my eye (as well as this one, suggesting that fighting forces now might accessorize their troops with different colored firearms).

Besides the message that employment opportunities, when it comes to civil defense, have become more gender-neutral (and that the arms industry is becoming more sensitive to the fashion requirements of the riot squad robocop),  it struck me (though it could have just been the angle) how much this helmet looks like (or, doubles for?) a niqab. What do you make of that?

(photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images caption: Police and military protective uniforms are displayed at the Defence and Security Exhibition on September 13, 2011 in London, England. ExCeL London is hosting the exhibition with hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world displaying their hardware..)

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