October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: On the Short End of the Supply Chain

Deng Jian/Xinhua/Zuma Press

It was interesting last week to hear some dissonant notes intermixed with the Steve Jobs remembrances, people chattering about exploitation of natural resources and foreign workers, about corporate power, and the the like. If found this an interesting Occupy photo to the extent it starts to draw the “less evil” brands into the Occupy Wall Street/social justice calculation.

Of course, the visual play on homelessness and people living out of cardboard boxes is mildly clever, but it becomes brilliant as it ties that association into the “new economy” with all its slogans and metaphors about the celebratory wonders — (moving at the speed of business; what can brown do for you! — of all that ever-increasing productivity.

(And then, is it true that Amazon’s corporate slogan is: “…And you’re done”?)

If I was in Lower Manhattan right now, I’d give this guy a hat tip in person (then, toss in a dollar) for helping emphasize how no sector of the corporate universe deserves a free pass in all this, and also how, as much as American’s are getting wrung out by financial services, they are also getting the short end of the supply chain.

Of course, this photo is a lot more evocative than that. I’m interested in how you break down the box.

The Bag’s full Occupy Wall Street coverage here.

(photo: Deng Jian/Xinhua/Zuma Press caption: An Occupy Wall Street protester painted slogans on a box at Zuccotti Park in New York City on Thursday.)

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