October 22, 2011

OWS: The Painted Lady

John Minchillo/AP

1. To the extent OWS has also become a tourist attraction, will that compromise its impact — or is that just some silly internet meme? (Then, on a commercial note, now that the Gray Line has become “the official transportation partner” of the 9/11 Memorial with daily “Hop-On, Hop-Off” escorted tour service from its double-decker buses, will the OWS tour be far behind?)

2. . Peter Max meets Goldie Hawn (from Laugh-in)?  …Today it’s Occupy (fill-in-the-blank). In the old days, it was Teach-in, Love-in, Laugh-in, etc.

3. Has anyone done a better job than young Amber Hope illustrating the difference between Occupy and The Tea Party? (…Wow, I almost wrote “Teal” Party.)

4. There’s something decidedly pink about this movement (Code Pink, too), taking a color that conjures ballerinas and bubblegum and using it to push back vigorously, but still disarmingly, against the testosterone-charged powers that be.

5. I like the picture just for the fact America is so uptight. But then, the fact most of these people are relating to Ms. Hope as if she was an animal at the zoo does not say all that much for “kumbayah.”

The view from another angle.

(photo 1: John Minchillo/AP caption: Amber Hope, 24, of Pittsburg, Pa., chants at the Occupy Wall Streets while wearing body paint in Zuccotti Park, Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011, in New York. The protests against corporate greed and various issues have continued for more than a month and spawned similar uprisings around the world, attracting participants and tourists from around the country and beyond.)

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