November 9, 2011

Yes, We Cane? Some Take-Aways On Newsweek's Herman Cain Cover

1. You know, I can’t tell if Newsweek, having offered this Herman Cain promo to the world a few weeks ago, would like to walk this back now, or there’s next-to-no downside because memories are so short and we’ve gotten lost in the hype-machine.

2. And though this confused me at the time, following the train wreck, this now seems perfectly in line with Tina Brown’s penchant for pro-women covers.

3. Like ’08 all over again: Race wins out over gender.

4. Cain enabled.

5. Pretty disgusting lending this guy Obama’s coattails. …And that was before the scandals broke.  The anti-Obama? They haven’t invented a yardstick that long.

6. Corporate poster child in the age of Occupy.

7.  Next Week: Can Pizza Recover?

8. Parting snapshot: “It’s all good.”

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Michael Shaw
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