January 31, 2012

A Unique Angle on the Gingrich Follicles As They Slowly Slip Away – Photo by Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew’s photo of Newt and Callista in South Carolina spoke to us for a number of reasons. First of all, with Newt’s quixotic campaign apparently taking a haircut in the crucial Florida primary, we could say this scene (note the moving truck) shows the couple literally slipping away.

And then, like a baby bird and the alpha bird, there is the presentation of the Newt-Callista, or Callista-Newt, as the single inseparable organism they presented from day one.

Most prominently, however, Jason scales the couple to their signature element(s), characterized by the prodigious and snowy coiffure’s each possess. More specifically, the photo offers a wonderful depiction of the campaign’s central operating unit, a view that not only trumps, but transcends “the famous swoop.”  Of course, whereas the cynical among you might only see the white circle enveloping Callista’s summit as a pin cushion; the reverse side of Star Wars storm trooper helmet, or simply the perfect void, others (aware, perhaps, with Gingrich’s love of space) would see this orb more affectionately (as he descends back into Consultant-land) as Newt’s full moon.

PHOTOGRAPH by Jason Andrew.

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