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January 31, 2012

An Extra Point on New Yorker Obama Campaign '12 Super Bowl Cover


Yeah, I know you think the message is Obama getting off on the spectacle of Romney and Newt going at each other. But the real take away here is: Look how “Every Guy” the president is. Big screen TV, beer, football in hand, chips. Not weekend clothes, of course, he’s still working for you with his papers at his side and his tie loosened. What it does demonstrate, though, is how wildly successful the White House has been in validating Obama as an all-American guy (especially 1, 2) — and along the way, bringing illustrator Barry Blitt in line. It’s at least a hundred yards and three Vince Lombardi trophies away from this:


— Karen Hull

(illustration 1 & 2: Barry Blitt caption 1: “The Big Game”.)

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