January 19, 2012

Gingrich and the Smell Test


I’m sure this behavior, in the moment, was perfectly understandable, but why a particular photo rises to the top of the daily heap is based on completely different factors.

It’s hard not to consider this, for example, in light of the interview airing tonight with Newt’s ex-wife laying out, more prominently, how he treats/tweaks women.

And with Perry pulling out today, it seems the photo also speaks to the imperfect marriage between Newt and those on the far right, and some mutual recognition about people holding their noses (or, having them held) to vote for him.

(1/21) – S. Carolina Results – UPDATE:

With Newt running away with it, seems the photo had a different meaning. Wailing on the media, playing the race card and making Romney look like a Northern rich boy in short pants, the testosterone-charged Gingrich had more appeal to the reptile brain. (Also seeing a 5% female/male gap in exit polls.)

Via SacBee Pix of the Day.

(photo: Nathan Gray | AP caption: Republican presidential candidate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, pinches the nose of Bonnie Ellison, 78, of Easley, S.C. while shaking hands with supporters at Mutt’s Barbeque in Easley, S.C. Wednesday.)

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