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January 20, 2012

S. Carolina Final: Raising Cain

Colbert Cain 1

Colbert Cain 2

“Sign up to be a member of this army of Davids,” he declared, as he urged people to visit his website.

— from: “Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain Hold Rally In South Carolina” (Sam Stein/HuffPo)


Best part is the poster, a hyperbolic ticket of way-visionary faux reactionaries. The funny thing is, Cain is so narcissistic he’s actually beyond getting played by Colbert. Call it par for the course in this you’re-never-dead GOP campaign. Now, where’s that sexual harassment update?

(photos: Jason Reed/Reuters caption: Actor and television host Stephen Colbert hugs former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain during a South Carolina primary rally at the College of Charleston, South Carolina, January 20, 2012. The South Carolina Primary will be held on January 21..)

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